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We can help you accelerate your BuilderTREND journey!

Buildertrend is a great tool - but it can also be difficult to know where to start, or how to get the most out of the system. While the online training offered by the Buildertrend team is great, sometimes you need help that is a bit more hands on and direct.

What we offer is exactly that: we review the way you operate and then give you a tailored plan for implementing the bits of Buildertrend that will work for your business. We can then help you to turn this plan into reality by either completing some of the setup steps for you, or acting in support.

What is Buildertrend?

What is Buildertrend?

Buildertrend is a construction management software that provides cloud-based access to all the tools you need to manage the build process: construction scheduling, change orders, documents, photos, warranty management, budgets, purchase orders, and much more.

This is suitable for a wide range of businesses - from builders doing small renovation jobs, to large group home builders.

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NOTE: We are official Affiliate Partners of Buildertrend - commissions are received by us for sales made from this page. That said, we believe that Buildertrend is the best tool out there in the construction industry - if you aren't already onboard then go have a look!

How do we work?

The approach we take will vary client-to-client - but in general we run through the following steps:

  1. Meeting to understand your business. Before we even go near Buildertrend it is important that we understand how your business operates. By knowing your business we can then understand how you can best use Buildertrend - eg, what features will be useful for you? What processes will need to be adapted to fit into Buildertrend? Which staff will be involved?
  2. An initial acceleration phase. We then offer a fixed price for an initial acceleration phase. This is where we help you get from your current state to a point where you have key features up and running (and are getting some real value out of the tool). What this looks like will differ business-by-business, dependent on starting point and end goals.
  3. Ongoing support. Once we have kicked through the initial acceleration phase we offer ongoing support, charged on an hourly basis. This enables us to help guide you through the rest of the journey. Additional fixed price acceleration phases can also be arranged as necessary.

The end result is your business operating more efficiently and profitably as you harness the relevant tools within Buildertrend.

Want to know more?

If you'd like to know more, or investigate how we could help your business, then please get in touch. We will happily run an initial meeting free of charge to better understand if there is an opportunity to help.

Client Feedback

We were recommended Vaughan by another company.  We couldn’t of got to grips with Buildertrend without his help and support.  Getting Vaughan to spend a day in our office saved so much time and stress and he’s great at teaching every level of staff what they need to know.  Due to his great business knowledge, we also learnt a few new tricks regarding our admin systems.  We would definitely use Vaughan for advise in the future”.  

Dean O’Reilly, Managing Director

Superior Carpentry Construction Ltd

“We engaged with Luckman & Associates to help us set up Buildertrend as we wanted to ensure we set it up correctly from the start. We also decided to switch from MYOB to Xero as its integrates with Buildertrend which Vaughan also assisted with in every way. From the very beginning we felt confident choosing Vaughan, he has such a broad knowledge of the system and how to implement processes to make them work for your company. As they are based in New Zealand we have been having regular video calls where he would get to know our business and then take us through step by step what we need to do. For us communication and knowledge were two very important factors and they have exceeded our expectations. For us we did not have the time or knowledge to set this all up, for us this process has been stress free. We would without a doubt recommend Vaughan and his team”.


Jake and Sarah Brady – Owners

Smartbuild South Coast

“Vaughan and his team have been able to customise and personalise our software and are almost always available for support or problem solving.”

Brendan Deguara, Director

BCD Building BCD Building Pty Ltd

Buildertrend Implementation / Support Clients

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