What do you need from project management software?

The requirements list for project management software in the Commercial Construction game isn't short! Many companies are still working in a mash-up of systems because they haven't found a single solution that solves all of their needs - and so tenders are managed by email, schedules in MS Project, progress claims in a spreadsheet, plans shared via Dropbox, variations on a spreadsheet, and so on.

We are excited to introduce the solution to all of this - Orbis Pro project management software. This really is the magic bullet - we have been searching for a long time to find a piece of software that will do all of the things above in one place, and this is it.


What is Orbis Pro?

Orbis Pro allows you to run a build from start to finish all in one place. This includes the following features:

Estimating & Tendering

Within the tool, a job can be priced using the detailed ‘Tenders’ module. Pricing can be built up from quoted items (with quoting managed via the inbuilt tender tracking tools) and estimated items (via pricing catalogues, recipes and assemblies).

Prior to releasing a proposal/tender to the client, this can be run through a pre-configured sign off path to ensure that everyone is happy to commit the business to the tendered price.

Project Management

You can now manage all aspects of the project from one place – and have this visible to everyone. This includes workflows and schedules, health & safety, document management and plan updates, RFIs, defect management, and client updates/progress reporting.

This is all controllable from the mobile app so that you can get out of the office and on site.

Financial Management

Through Orbis you can track and control your budget – sending and approving purchase orders, managing client variations, managing subcontractor progress claims and approvals, and reporting back the financial health of the job.

Orbis links through to Xero, NetSuite & MYOB keeping your job management system up to date with your accounts.

Contractor & Client Portal

Orbis allows you to interact with your clients and subs on the go via the online portal. Assign tasks, get signoff for variations, manage approval for progress claims, share documents, send project updates – this can all be done via the portal.

By opening up into an online tool you suddenly can open up where your stakeholders can access information – and drive down the calls!

Factory Management

If you manufacture internally then Orbis has the tools for you to manage your production line. Stock management, order management, quality assurance, time tracking, health and safety – all elements of a manufacturing tool are in here.

Your staff can also interact with this module via a simplified touch screen setup to allow for live tracking as you go.