About us

At Luckman & Associates, we are all about helping businesses to run smoothly: the right people, doing the right things, at the right time.

Achieving this is hard - but that's where we come in! We can work with you to find a new way of running your business - a process driven, proactive and deliberate way of operating that will see you with more time available to do the things that really matter.


Business Improvement

Are you always fighting fires in your business? Never have time to do anything strategic because you are busy reacting to yesterday’s problem?

Our Business Improvement service will find ways to turn this around by introducing simple processes and systems that put you back in control of the business.

Process Reengineering

Are things falling between the cracks as they pass between teams? Do you keep doing things the same way you always have when you know there is a better way?

Through our Process Reengineering service we will give you visibility of what you do, question when & why you do it, and help you to bring together a new way of operating that enables you to excel.

Project Business Analyst Services

Do you have a larger project and need some BA resource? Are you unsure where to start, and want someone to drive a solution to your problem?

Through our Business Analysis service we have experienced BAs available to work on your next project. Long term, short term, part time, full time – regardless of the situation, we have the flexibility to help.

Industry-specific offerings

These industry-specific offerings deliver an accelerated version of our standard business improvement services. Here we work with you to implement tried and tested industry best-practice processes, tied to best-in-class systems. This harnesses the experience we have had with previous clients (along with the knowledge that our consultants bring with them to the business) to get you to the next level fast.

We currently have packaged offerings in the area of construction (residential & commercial), with other industry packages coming soon.

Our clients – Past & Present