The old way of hiring Business Analysts

We are setting out to challenge the way that businesses engage BAs for project work.

Traditionally, hiring a Business Analyst has been all about hiring a person - and then having them sit in a seat for 40 hours a week, filling their time. We have been those BAs, and the reality is that this isn't the most efficient model. Some of the key issues here are:

  • Project work involves a lot of waitingwaiting for answers, for review of a piece of work, for approval of the next stage ... Waiting isn't productive, and it is an expensive thing to be paying for when you have a Contract BA on the team.
  • You are limited to the skillset of the individual - when you hire an individual, that is all you get! Need them to throw together a financial model, but they don't know how to? Well too bad - you will have to now hire someone else to fill the gap.
  • When they are gone, they're gone - all of the knowledge that the BA gains about your organisation lives solely within their head - and when the contract ends (or they leave) this knowledge leaves with them. Calling on this knowledge again is hard.

Project Business Analyst Services – our approach

When you engage Luckman & Associates to deliver Business Analyst/Project Services, you are engaging our business as a whole, not just a single person. Our internal processes ensure that the IP/knowledge gained by our people on the ground is retained within our business - and with this we can deliver continuity over time.

Our principles are:

  • Engage us to deliver an outcome, not to fill a seat - we are focused on achieving an outcome for you, not on billing a 40 hour week! We will be there when you need us, driving the project along - but when we hit those 'waiting' moments, we will be elsewhere (and not adding to your budget).
  • The right person for the job - the huge benefit in engaging the business (not the person) is that we will bring in the right people at the right time. While we will always have a Lead BA assigned, we will swap in other staff where their skill sets are required - eg building complex spreadsheets, change management tasks, training delivery etc.
  • Continuity and commitment - by engaging our business as a whole you are getting our commitment to deliver to the outcome. This is invaluable in projects that have a high turnover of staff, as our staff are committed to our business - and in turn our business is committed to your project.
  • Taking the initiative - we aren't afraid of helping you to define and drive a project. Do you know that something needs to be done, but you aren't quite sure what that looks like? We can build a project from the ground up, and provide expertise you may not have in house.
  • Process is at the core of everythingwhile our BAs have a wide range of skills, our specialty lies in understanding process. Whether it be an IT project, a reorganisation, or process reengingineering, the same principles apply - we will always question 'who will use the outcome?', 'how will it be used?' and 'is this the most efficient way to achieve the results?'.

Let’s get started! Our services:

Project Delivery

Do you have a project to deliver and need support? Engage us to come in and deliver an outcome for you – no more worrying about and managing the BA resource; just engage with our project lead and discuss the delivery.

Problem Definition

Are you starting up a project, but you aren’t clear on what the issue is and what you need? We will help you to define you project and the outcome that you want to achieve.

On-call BA Support

Do you need BA support every now and then, but not enough to carry the overhead? We can get to know your business, so that we can dip in and out as you need support (either standalone, backup, or overflow).

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