What is Business Improvement?

Business Improvement is all about making sure that everything you do in your business is done efficiently. We focus on the processes you follow through your business to understand where improvements can be made - eg, what happens to an order when it arrives, and how is this tracked through to being filled? How does data get to your finance system, and is this being double-handled? What happens if a member of staff is unexpectedly absent?

When a business is operating well - with good systems and processes in place - then all of these actions start to happen seamlessly. This is our aim: to have your business operating with the right people, doing the right things, at the right time, every time!

The symptoms

  • Are you constantly fighting fires, and never have time to do the things you should be?
  • Is everything done inĀ reaction to a phone call or email, leaving no opportunity to act proactively?
  • Does everything feel like hard work when you know it should be much easier?
  • Do you have unhappy customers because parts of the business keep dropping the ball?
  • Are you (or others) critical to every part of the business, meaning you can't trust or delegate tasks or decision making?
  • Is there no time to work on the business because you are always working in the business?

The Business Improvement Process

1. Talk to you and your staff, review the way your business is operating

2. Make recommendations for improvements

3. Support the change

  1. We'll talk to you and your staff, review the way your business is operating. We generally find that people working in the business already have a good idea of what can be improved. We tap into this knowledge through one-on-one and group interviews to get a good understanding of the opportunities for improvement. Next we sit down for a more detailed look at how things work to review your systems and processes. Here we are looking for opportunities to make things more efficient.
  2. Make recommendations for improvements. Once we have a clear understanding of the business we will make recommendations for the best areas to target along with a plan for how to best approach this change. The key to handling change in any business is to make it achievable - therefore we make sure that we break up the change into manageable 'bite sized' pieces.
  3. Support the change. The final vital step is to support the change. Benefits will only be achieved once the changes have been made - and it is important that the changes stick for the long term. We work with you to help manage this change, including training and documentation requirements.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more, or investigate how we could help your business, then please give us a call or email. We will happily run an initial meeting free of charge to better understand if there is an opportunity to help.

Client Feedback

“Vaughan has helped Benchmark Homes become a much more streamlined and efficient business through his expertise. Not only does he have a wealth of knowledge but a great eye for improving business systems and processes. Vaughan has been great to deal with and we look forward to working with him in the future.”

Sam Evans, Operations Manager

Benchmark Homes Benchmark Homes Canterbury