Process Reengineering

The radical redesign of your core business processes to bring about dramatic improvements to productivity, cycle times, quality and customer engagement.

Through time, the processes being followed within a business begin to change - new staff bring with them new habits; system upgrades add further functionality (some of which is used ...); market forces shift focus to being customer-centric; and so on. With this organic growth, it is easy to end up operating out of sync across the organisation - where the 'parts' of what you do don't quite align towards the 'whole'.

Process Reengineering focuses on bringing back alignment to the way you operate.

We first work to understand:

  • how things flow through the business (eg, workflow, task ownership, ownership of the customer etc);
  • the dependencies within processes (eg, where is data collected and used, what happens before and after my step etc);
  • any inefficiencies (eg, double handling of information, paper-based forms, non-integrated systems etc).

This knowledge then enables us to design and implement a new way of working - where staff are clear on the what/where/when/why of what they do, and where everything is aligning towards end-to-end process efficiency.


The symptoms

  • Are things falling between the cracks as they pass between teams?
  • Are you doing tasks manually that you know could be done by your systems?
  • Are your staff unsure about what they can approve within their signoff delegations?
  • Are you locked into old processes & systems because you don't know the downstream impacts if you turn them off?
  • Are you hiring people to fix up the data because you aren't getting the right information automatically?
  • Are you facing key person risk as knowledge of what you do is locked in a few people's heads?

The Process Reengineering Process

1. Uncover what you do now

2. Design a future state (aligned & efficient processes)

3. Implement the process changes

  1. Uncover what you do now
    To be able to make any decision about improved processes, we need to first understand the current start. In this step we will map you current processes to understand what you do, when you do it (the triggers), what the dependencies are between steps (both in relation to workflow & data), who is involved (internal & external), and the systems involved
  2. Design a future state (aligned & efficient processes)
    Once we have a clear understanding of the current state we will work with you to reengineer the end-to-end process. Here it is key that your staff are heavily involved to ensure that we are hearing their requirements, and building something that will work and be supported.
  3. Implement the process changes
    Once designed, we can start to change the processes followed within the business. In some cases this will be a training exercise only (eg, changing behaviour), while other improvements will be tied to changes to your systems. We will work with you to design a rollout plan for this change, and to then support you through this.

Let’s get started! Our services:

Current-State Process Mapping

Have you lost sight of what happens within your organisation? Is it hard to make decisions because you don’t know what will be impacted? Our Current-State Process Mapping service will give you visibility within your organisation – and help you to reduce key-person risk, increase consistency of behaviour, and allow you to make informed decisions going forward.

Process Reengineering

Do you want to take what you do to the next level? Our Process Reengineering service will leave you with a new way of operating – with no double-handling, maximising the automation/efficiencies available within your systems, where staff are clear on their roles & responsibilities, and where you customer is always at the centre of everything you do.

System Changes/Upgrades

The biggest failing that we see with systems change projects is that they are driven from an IT-point-of-view. We try to flip this around and let process stand front and centre. By clearly working out how people will interact with the tool – and how this fits into the end-to-end process – we can ensure that you end up with a deployment that is seamless.

Promapp Rollout

Promapp is an online process management tool that allows the end users to take control of their own processes, and have responsibility for their ongoing maintenance and improvement. We can help get you started here by developing a structure/framework that will enable the logical deployment of Promapp by the business, and by mapping a set of base processes to get your staff engaged.

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Client Feedback

“The work Luckman& Associates undertook  has been incredibly helpful in shaping the way EQC has approached its processes in Canterbury. They were able to offer objective advice and recommendations, challenge the business to think differently and identify and highlight issues in a manner that was both well-reasoned and professional. The business analysis and improvement techniques they bring allowed them to quickly and effectively establish credibility, while their approach to their work meant they created a rapport with both management and staff alike. Bringing in Luckman & Associates has definitely been a positive and valuable move for EQC.”

Kristian Miles | Manager Business Improvement| Business Improvement Team

Earthquake Commission – EQC

“Vaughan has helped Benchmark Homes become a much more streamlined and efficient business through his expertise. Not only does he have a wealth of knowledge but a great eye for improving business systems and processes. Vaughan has been great to deal with and we look forward to working with him in the future.”

Sam Evans, Operations Manager

Benchmark Homes Benchmark Homes Canterbury

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